Hiking The Himalaya Of Northern India


In India, the Himalayas are a dream destination. In addition to its beautiful mountain ranges and landscapes, India also offers visitors access to its unique culture.

I was fascinated and wanted to hike in the Himalayas.

After further research, I arrived at two potential trekking destinations – one was the Triund Trek in McLeod Ganj and the other was the Kheerganga Trek in Kasol.

The choice between the two was difficult, because I wanted to go for both.

McLeod Ganj was all beautiful and picturesque, but Kheerganga had a natural hot spring about it; this prompted me to opt for the latter.

So it was Kheerganga.

Kheerganga Trek in North India

Travel from Delhi to Kasol

There are two ways to reach Kasol. You can either book your tickets to Delhi and then take a car from Delhi to Kasol via Chandigarh and Punjab, or directly book a flight to Chandigarh and then travel to Kasol.

Chandigarh is closer to Kasol, but flights are less frequent, so I moved to go through Delhi, then rent a car and from there to Kasol.

I reached Delhi Airport at 8 am, and started shortly after. I had the opportunity to observe that evening one of the most beautiful sunsets in a while.

It took me about 12 hours to get from Delhi to Kasol and I reached my hotel around 19 hours.

According to the Plan, I had dinner and slept well, because I had to start Trekking the next morning.

I woke up the next day and came to the balcony. It was already a welcoming spectacle.

I could hear the water cracking when it hit the stones in the river and the mountains were all I could see around me.

I kept looking down, and the river ran right under the streets. I was already in awe.

The Hike begins

The village of Barshaini is the starting point of the hike to Kheeerganga. I parked my car there, crossed the bridge, and was asked to turn left just after.

At the Beginning of the Hike Bought Wooden Sticks. I bought one and found it very useful throughout the hike.

The walk to the Kheerganga takes an average of four to five hours.

You can plan a one-day hike – start early in the morning and go home at dawn, or a two-day hike – reach Kheerganga, camp there and return the next day.

Camping in Kheerganga

I’m a big fan of Camping in nature, so I was planning to stay there that night.

But the hotel owner had alerted me that the state government had banned cafes, campsites and other commercial facilities.

He asked me to check if I had accommodation for the night.

I called some contacts via Google, and they said it has not been cleared yet.

However, I was not entirely convinced, as other people also told me at the time that it was a risk.

The Trek-in nature

It wasn’t very sunny, and it made Trekking easy, although it was a problem only at first.

There was a meadow that I crossed, and after it was a canopy of trees that protected the sun.

Most of the trees were pines and deodars, and all along there was a river that kept us company.

The trekking route is not easy for beginners; it includes Trekking through the mountains. The mountain is above all the way.

I find these moments of life to be the best – the savages, where they are on the verge of life and passed away. One step into the misplacement, and you could keep driving to reach the rivers.

You are going through it all – alive and safe, but part of you has experienced something that will stay with you forever.

On the way, I came across a majestic waterfall. The water was iced, but the hot drinks and snacks from the nearby Cafe made me feel better.

There were not many cafes on the way, and those that existed were packed.

I took generous stops to enjoy all the beauty of the place and rest.

So it took me six hours to reach the top of the mountain. Just at sunset, I reached the Top.

It was dark and I couldn’t see what it looked like. I had something to eat, and then I kept looking for the camps.

Thank god the camps were there.

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