My World Record Pursuit Cycling


The alarm goes off in my hotel room in Ufa. You better get used to it.

I had my day to prepare, so it’s gone, all the planning and training is over, it’s real, it’s right here in front of me.

Dress up, eat snacks and have breakfast. Bike and Kit ready, it’s time to ride it in the elevator of my beautiful hotel room.

I come from the elevator to the reception, from head to toe in Lycra, cycling by my side, to a confused guard and receptionist. I check out and find the gray sky hotel wheel.

I drove down the road, put my leg on the saddle and drove down the very steep hill to the Station, where I know angrily that I have to go back up in a Minute.

But it does not rain and the wind does not look so bad. Every cyclist will know that the wind can be the curse of their existence, and next month I will be a human weathervane!

I come to the station with the goal of starting at 8 in the morning, not too early, but at a fixed time. I stop in front of the station with my bike, take photos and videos and turn on my GPS Tracker to get the Guinness world record.

There aren’t many people out there, but I still have some fun looks. I think you wouldn’t think, I know he has to ride a bike in Portugal.

I give the GPS a few minutes to make sure it sends its Signal, then with a very intense in-over-my-Head feeling, I anxiously put down the first pedal and start.

Immediately I feel better, as if I knew it. Crossing the city, I immediately took the wrong path along an estate with very official Town Hall buildings.

I feel like I’m going in the wrong direction when the street cleaners stop working and see me passing by.

I can only say that You think: he is lost. I smile at him as I pass and drive on the right road.

Going down a long hill and on a busy road, and then on a large river to leave Ufa, I finally go to Russia ….

My first attempt to do something so big, I feel the weight of in above my head. I “ve decided to take part in this adventure of my life 29 and is getting closer to that point in my life where if I don”t go now I would never be.

After all the little trips that save a vacation when I could, I gave up the career pursuit for now and went for something that seemed more than I could chew.

With my helmet mirror, my alloy bike covered in old bike bottles, and my knee wrapped in physiotherapy tape, I left a town called Ufa, Russia, with the goal of traveling 6,292 km to Cabo da Roca, Portugal.

I wanted to break the Guinness world record for the fastest cycle in all of Europe, not the most reasonable, but it turned out to be a roller coaster ride from start to finish.

In Chasing Lines, I don’t just write about this unique journey, but stories of past experiences that have given me the tools to try something so great, whether it’s crossing the Andes alone to do a 9-5 job or adapting to life’s changes.

I want to show that you really don’t have to be a pro at something to try it out. You don’t need to have the right tools, and there’s no perfect time to wait to reach a goal.

No signs will tell you what to do or when to do it, you just have to try and stay on the move.

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