Turn Your Scuba Diving Hobby Into Income Source


Some People consider the World under the Sea as one of the last great Limits of the Earth. And why wouldn’t they? Scientists said that 95% of the ocean has not yet been explored.

It was the statistic that launched me on a journey to explore what lives under the sea. I was determined to feel what it was like to explore a place that so many people didn’t have.

And what is there will not disappoint. However, not everyone is allowed to explore the depths of the ocean. You need to learn to take the right precautions. It can be peril there.

You also need to learn a new spoken language with hand and arm signals.

And finally, you must be able to afford it. Fortunately, I will tell you how everyone can afford to dive and even turn the hobby into secondary income.

Use Your Basic Skills, to Get Started

Two years ago, at the beginning of 2017, I dived underwater zero times in my life. I had not yet taken my first breath underwater. I didn’t even know the first thing about diving.

I was looking for a job that could extend my visa and keep me in Europe, and I was desperate. When I went to Malta with cvs, I came across a dive shop along the Sliema Promenade.

I quickly checked their windows. They had hung a few PADI commercials on the window that appeared to be designed in 1998.

This made me curious about your marketing strategy. Without hesitation, I checked his Facebook page. As I guessed, it was less than stellar.

In that sense, I went to the store and asked for a job with their marketing team. Many dive shops need help in this department.

I had a marketing background and a resume to prove it.

But I didn’t want a salary. I knew it was unlikely that they would offer me a local job if I asked for money. So I asked instead for something they could offer – diving lessons.

I did marketing for the store, and in return they trained me to become a certified diver – and they left! I got my visa to stay in Europe.

Unfortunately, diving is not the lowest pastime, especially for a backpacker.

If you stick to a strict budget on your trips, you may want to think about what skills you can use to earn free dives. Marketing is not the only useful skill in dive shops.

Being bilingual is an advantage; photographers and videographers are needed; even people with excellent organizational skills and ready to do the dirty work can find jobs in dive shops.

You never know if your skills qualify until you apply.

Obtain professional diver certification

There are all kinds of certification levels in the PADI diving world. Below are the most common levels and benefits of each certification.

Open water diver

Dive up to 60 feet deep without a Professional as long as you are with another diver of each certification level.

This will benefit you, because diving will be much affordable if you do not need to take a professional with you.

Advanced open water divers

With Advanced Open Water certification, you can now dive up to 100 feet deep and open up a world full of potential.

Rescue Of Divers

This is a required safety certification. You will become a much safer diver in the unlikely event of an emergency. However, in terms of benefits, that’s about it.

Most people consider it a bit of a bump in the road to becoming a pro.


This is the time when you do the remodeling of “pro.”

Once you reach this Level of certification, you can start working in the industry. With this level of training, you can lead groups yourself and help instructors with their underwater courses.

Many people deserve their Divemaster and are satisfied. This allows you to work in any dive shop and get paid for spending time underwater. Others want to earn even more Money.


At this point, you can grant different levels of certification to other divers as you see fit. You are responsible for teaching the basics (and beyond) of diving.

Instructors usually earn much more than Divemaster, which is the most important benefit of the Instructor Development Course (IDC).

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